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    本公司主要依日本标准(JIS) 美标(ANSI) 德标(DIN) 英国标准(BSW) 国际标准(ISO)及国家标准(GB) 提供客户所需的产品,可生产外径1mm~15mm,长度 1mm~80mm之规格,产品广泛应用于精密电子制造, 光学仪器仪表, 家俱家电, 运动器材, 汽车配件, 音响设备, 医疗航天等领域。  
     我们秉持着"诚信,质优,价廉"的经营理念,以"以客为先,以质求胜, 实事求是, 持续改进"为服务宗旨,为客户提供整体的紧固系统解决方案和技术咨询。我们真诚的感谢您的支持与厚爱,并期待着能与您携手共进, 共创辉煌!
Company Introduction
       Dongguan L&E  hardware co., ltd. was established in October, 2004, and has the vitality extremely the young enterprise. We are the fastener supplier. The mail products are  precise electronic screw primarily, and the complete fastener solution is provided for our customers provides with washers, nuts, cut components, plugs and so on each kind of fasteners.
       We produce a wide range of standard fasteners in DIN, ISO, GB, BSW, ANSI/ASME and JIS and provide the products which the customer needs, Diameter range 1mm~15mm, and specification of the Length 1mm ~ 80 mm. The products widely applies in the precise electronic manufacture, the optical instrument measuring appliance, the furniture appliances, the movement equipment, the automobile fitting, the acoustic equipment,  the medical equipment, astronautics etc.
      We grasp the management idea: good faith, superior quality, the moderate
price, take by the guest as first, strives for victory
by the nature, realistic, continues to improve for serves the
objective, provides the whole for the customer the tight system
solution and the technical consultation. We sincere thank your support
and the deep affection, and was anticipating can hand in hand advance
together with you, altogether creates magnificently!
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